The Busselton Healthy Aging Study (BHAS) is a large multidisciplinary project investigating the causes of and risk factors for a wide range of conditions of public health importance in an ageing population. 


Between 2010 and 2015 over 5100 Baby boomers (adults born 1946 and 1964) completed measures on vision and hearing disorders, respiratory and cardiovascular disease, muscle strength and physical function, obesity, diabetes, sleep disorders, bone health, spinal pain, and mental health and cognition. The study is providing important information about the risk factors underlying disease and debilitation common to ageing and the impact of multi-morbidity on physical and cognitive function. The study is now in the first follow up Phase which encompasses a second round of testing and CogTrack is being used to assess cognitive function.



James, A., Hunter, M., Straker, L., Beilby, J., Bucks, R., Davis, T., ... & Knuiman, M. (2013). Rationale, design and methods for a community-based study of clustering and cumulative effects of chronic disease processes and their effects on ageing: the Busselton healthy ageing study. BMC public health, 13(1), 1.


The Busselton Healthy Aging Study

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