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RAPSODI is a pioneering new study that uses the internet to find new ways to diagnose Parkinson’s earlier.

The Busselton Healthy Aging Study is a large multidisciplinary project investigating the causes of and risk factors in an ageing population.

The PROTECT Study: 

Platform for Research Online to investigate Genetics and Cognition in Ageing, is an exciting and important 10 year UK research study, which aims to understand what happens to our brains as we age.

CogTrack is currently being used in a number of studies, including a major long-term investigation into the cognitive effects of smoking cessation and the role of e-cigarettes in this process.  

CogTrack is being used in a series of research studies involving the cognitive benefits of various natural products, energy drinks, and studies combining CogTrack testing with sophisticated assessments of the patterns of electrical activity in the brain.

BCRED hosts the PROLED study 

(Prospective Longitudinal All-comer Inclusion study on Eating Disorders)

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