How CogTrack works

Wesnes Cognition Ltd has developed CogTrack, an online platform of cognitive tests. All access to the system is secured with HTTPS. No personally identifiable information is recorded for participants, and cookies are not used to remember or track participants.






Wesnes Cognition is interested in supporting and progressing the assessment of cognitive function in any field of research. Whilst the CogTrack software is not available for licensed purchase, its front end can be accessed by clients and collaborators whose studies have been authorised for use via Wesnes Cognition. Once a study has been authorised, the study design is setup by a member of the CogTrack team who then sends the designated study contact a web link which participants use to complete their testing sessions. The sessions themselves are activated by the participants using pre-defined individual participant numbers.


Costing proposals are delivered on request in response to a study protocol or research proposal that has been sent in from an interested collaborator (These include long term academic working collaborations and individual studies or trial proposals). 


The data from the cognitive tests will be delivered to the collaborator at agreed intervals via a secure FTP server, where the file can be downloaded and opened using a password supplied separately. The file will contain an excel spreadsheet, which will contain the results from each test for each individual in a pre agreed format. Other formats including SAS® are available.

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