Practical considerations for using the CogTrack system

Internet Connections:


The system works on a task by task basis, which overcomes problems with poor quality internet connections. Prior to the start of each successive cognitive task, all of the required resources are downloaded within the browser. This ensures that reaction time assessment as well as the rates of stimuli presentation are managed locally within the browser, and it is not until the end of each task that the data are returned to the server. This method ensures that ‘in task’ performance is not impacted by connection issues.


Internet Browsers:


Works with the most popular browsers - Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari, and is recommended for use in these. The CogTrack system however will record and store the internet browser used during each session.

Required Equipment:


The CogTrack system is a web based platform, requiring an internet connection and is thus not restricted by hardware. Testing at study sites or at home can therefore be conducted via a range of hardware (e.g. Laptops, Desktops, Macs, iMacs), providing there is an internet connection and also that the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard are functioning adequately (e.g. not sticking). The CogTrack system is now touchscreen enabled, but is going through the Beta testing phase.


We recommend that repeated assessments are conducted on then same equipment and with the same browser whenever possible, although we do record the nature of the equipment used on each session.


Participant IDs:


Participant IDs can be predefined, and alphanumeric combinations are not restricted.

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