The Biomarkers and Clinical Research in Eating Disorders (BCRED) research group is led by Associate Professor Magnus Sjogren, Psychiatrist and Chief Physician. Dr Sjogren has more than 120 scientific publications, and an h-index of 34. BCRED hosts the PROLED study (Prospective Longitudinal All-comer Inclusion study on Eating Disorders) and has collaborations with Professor Keith Wesnes, Northumbria University, Professor Thomas Werge and his research group, the Institute of Biological Psychiatry at St Hans Centre, Roskilde, Professor Cynthia Bulik, University of North Carolina and Karolinska Institute, and Associate Professor Rene Støving, University of Southern Denmark. The biological samples collected in the PROLED are stored at the Danish National Biobank (SSI). The PROLED study invites all patients with eating disorders who are investigated and treated at the Mental Health Center Ballerup, Denmark, to be enrolled in the study. The main scientific interests are biomarkers, psychopathology, disease course, and biology of the disease of Eating disorders as well as associated disorders. The mission is to study the biological and clinical aspects of eating disorders via collecting clinical data from interviews and tests, cognition tests, medical record data, and withdraw blood and other biological samples, during the course of the disease, and via genomics, and other technologies, identify biomarkers, study and characterize the psychopathology, the disease course, prognosis and biology of eating disorders. The ambition is to improve the clinical and biological understanding of these disorders and find leads for molecular targets for novel treatments.

The PROLED study  

Research in Eating Disorders

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